What is Hair restoration?


Hair transplant surgery is the process of permanently restoring hair by moving growing follicles — usually from the back or side of the head — into balding or thinning areas for natural-looking results. FUT (Follicular unit hair transplantation) and FUE (Follicular unit hair Extraction). Both techniques are discussed during your private consultation and the most appropriate treatment will be chosen for you.


FUT technique:


During the session, a strip is taken from the donor area where is the maximum amount of hair available. A strip is then harvested under local anesthesia without any pain and without leaving any visible scar. 

This will produce, after a period of time a naturally looking hair.

The procedure takes one day, depending on the case, the patient can return to normal life after two to three days.


FUE technique:


This technique also takes grafts from the back and sides of the patient’s head individually. The scars are small but since it is not in a LINE it is much harder to see. This technique can be applied to selected patients.

Hair Implant

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