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Irregular relief skin, too pale.. The first days of summer to show also require a skin that has not seen the sun for months.

To avoid this difficult, now prepare your skin for summer!

For beautiful skin, rely on the regularity

You probably still have a few weeks to show your legs ... Then it's time to get started!

To have beautiful skin, the most important tips are also the easiest to implement:
• Make yourself a body scrub regularly, once or twice a week unless your skin is very dry or very sensitive.
In this case, reduce the frequency and use of the products as smooth as possible.
• Do also follow each shower or bath by applying a moisturizer.


With these two steps, you will have a well-nourished skin; the dead cells are rapidly eliminated.

And it will be: your skin will be softer and will have a finer grain. Even if it has not seen the sun since last year, you can view it without fear!

How to prepare your skin for this summer?

A diet rich in antioxidants help your skin defend itself against the harmful effects of the sun.

Bet in particular:
• Pumpkins, carrots and other vegetables or fruits orange or red.
• Green vegetables, especially greens like spinach.
• Good fats, such as wheat germ oil, olive oil and oilseeds such as almonds or hazelnuts.
• The whole grains , shellfish, eggs or canned tuna.


You can also choose to take a dietary supplement specially formulated to prepare your skin to the sun.

Allergies to the sun to prepare is now!

You experience severe itching and will see small red bumps the first rays?

You may be a sun allergy, also called benign summer light eruption.

In some cases, it is possible to prevent the summer light eruption very gradually exposing themselves to the sun.

Three tips:
• Start now to take advantage of the period when the sun does not hit too hard.
• Expose yourself just a few minutes a day, and not in the warmer periods (between noon and 16:00).
• Protect yourself with sunscreen always reliable, an index of 20 minimum for adults and 30 for children minimum.

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