Patients hoping to find a dazzling white smile could benefit from a range of treatments designed to provide a smile makeover at Dr. Richard Hanna’s Clinic.

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Dental veneers are wafer-thin laminates of tooth-colored material that are cemented to the front surface of teeth to drastically improve their aesthetic appearance and increase the confidence of wearers.

Individuals who select the procedure often have stained or discolored teeth caused by the consumption of colored food and drink such as coffee and red wine or have damaged their teeth with chips and cracks or are unhappy with the natural shape of their teeth.

Gaps and spaces between teeth can also be resolved with the use of dental veneers, which could provide the

perfect solution for people looking to improve their appearance and smile.

Regardless of the type of veneer chosen to achieve a smile makeover, prospective patients will be first invited to an initial consultation with Dr. Richard Hanna’s cosmetic clinic. During this initial appointment, it is vital for people to discuss exactly what they are looking to achieve through the treatment.
Following this, impressions will be taken for a trial smile so that the patient’s chosen smile design can be assessed on models to ensure it is compatible with their bite.

Lumineers provide an effective alternative to traditional porcelain veneers in a much simpler process. During this procedure, the enamel structure of the natural tooth is left wholly or most intact and the thin Lumineer substance is applied directly to the front of the outside surface of the teeth.

Alternatively, image-conscious individuals may prefer Emax veneers, which are a type of high-strength veneer. It is a pressed ceramic that is custom-made by a cosmetic laboratory and bonded to the teeth with minimal tooth preparation.

Composite veneers which are also known as composite bonding is created using the same material as cosmetic white fillings, and can often be attached during just one appointment where the fixture is added directly to the tooth surface and then polished to create a transformed smile.

Although this procedure is perfect for people with hectic lifestyles, the solution is not as long-term, with the composite veneers remaining in place for around three to five years, compared with the 10 year solution provided by traditional porcelain veneers.

Mac Veneers are perfect for individuals who want to create the most attractive smile possible after years of issues with the appearance of their smile. The attachments provide the aesthetics of feldspathic materials and the strength of pressed ceramic, offering a more aesthetic solution than alternative methods.

Durathin Veneers are extremely thin porcelain veneers, often measuring around 0.2 mm thick, that are custom-made to attach to the front of teeth without the need to grind or shave the natural tissue.
This procedure is perfect for people who are looking to make improvements to their smile, but may be worried about having tooth tissue removed.

All multiple unit veneer cases at Dr. Richard Hanna’s cosmetic clinic are created using a trial smile, which allows individuals to enjoy a preview of the final results of their smile makeover before the treatment is actually carried out.

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